White Papers

White Papers

The Insurance Industry faces real business challenges. Each of our papers is designed to tackle a specific issue and offer detailed analysis and propose solutions based on experience and creative thinking.

Drone Technology in Insurance

December 2017

Technology is developing at a bewildering rate and is undoubtedly changing the way insurance is bought and processed. The number of internet-connected devices and sensors is projected to increase significantly and drones are one of the many new tools that could help transform the Insurance Industry.

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The Future of Claims Handling

July 2017

Good claims experiences equal good customer retention. Today’s customers are discerning and rightfully demanding of the service they receive from their Insurer. This paper identifies what customers expect when they make a claim and what Insurers need to do to deliver and exceed these expectations.

Click to access our white paper : The Future of Claims Handling

Strategy for Competitive Advantage

Janurary 2017

"It is no longer enough to satisfy your customers. You must delight them." Philip Kotler. This paper outlines a strategy designed to engage and delight insurance customers. The strategy has been developed from fresh thinking that is completely centred on the customer.

Click to access our white paper : Strategy for Competitive Advantage

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