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Transform your underwriting process and gain competitive advantage with the market leading bluescape insurance management platform. Our efficient business engine will help you automate underwriting tasks and integrate data capture and validation across your business to deliver cost efficiency, consistency and compliance, reducing errors and speeding up cycles.

Effective underwriting is key to differentiation in today’s insurance market. The challenge is to balance business growth with risk management and regulatory requirements. Using buescape’s underwriting capability will allow you to:

  • Build insurance underwriting rules directly into automated processes, increasing profitability, consistency and compliance
  • Integrate quickly and seamlessly with third party systems for inclusion in the underwriting process
  • Introduce automated on-line risk based pricing to increase straight through processing
  • Improve efficiency, productivity and speed of applications by only manually underwriting targeted exceptions
  • Quickly change application forms and underwriting rules to reflect business risk appetite, market opportunities or changing regulatory requirements
  • Generate reports, analytics, and simulations to continuously improve underwriting policies.

bluescape is designed to support radically improved customer engagement and satisfaction. In addition to powerful insurance underwriting capability, bluescape manages the full end to end insurance cycle with true SOA modules for quote and apply; policy management and claims processing for improved efficiency and significantly reduced costs.

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