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Successful technology implementation has to be ultimately measured through the 'bottom line' - either by delivering cost savings through process efficiency or by driving higher revenue through increased sales. Terence Bourne, Founder of Total Systems plc

Our software has been developed to deliver speed to market by configuration, flexibility, reduced costs, improved service, greater business visibility and control, rapid and ease of implementation. The system is designed to handle multiple quotes, for multiple products from multiple insurers, in multiple currencies, across multiple jurisdictions to deliver a truly global online insurance solution. Our success stories cover a multitude of products to include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Warranty Insurance
  • Commercial Lines
  • Aggregation
  • Home Insurance
  • Motor Insurance, including Fleet
  • Marine Insurance
  • Income Protection

And here's how we have improved the bottom line for some of our clients:

Customer engagement:


Innovation in action.

An ever increasing number of on-line users put 'speed of result' as their most important requirement. However, all too often, generating that result is getting slower as question sets increase.

Total Systems developed a unique instant quote tool for protection products - anything from simple life to a complex mix of life, critical illness and income protection products across several providers. This has proved itself to be a real 'game changer' by presenting on-line users with the price instantly, and allowing them to change combinations as often as they like before deciding to buy, taking customer experience to a new level of excellence.

And this is only one example of an application designed to deliver.

Just think - Innovation driven by your imagination!

A few things people have said about us:

Alexander House Financial Services Ltd
We chose Total Systems for several reasons. Firstly, they have a similar culture to us and want to see more protection sales to people who need it and recognise that there is a shrinking number of advisers prepared to deal with non-investment business. Secondly we know their software is designed for growth and we have exciting plans for the future. Thirdly, we appreciated their flexible and creative approach as we really want to deliver something new and exciting. Most importantly, we believe that the partnership not only gives us confidence in the technology, but also that the team at Total Systems will contribute ideas and new solutions that will mean we will deliver a best in class solution that is essential to drive trust back into the market. Jane Hodges, Chief Operating Officer at Alexander House Financial Services Ltd
It is important to me that we use the best technology available to support our growth plans. Total Systems continue to ensure we can deliver on that objective. Rod Reed, Technology and Digital Marketing Director at Alexander House

Best Insurance
When we looking for a partner to help us develop a game-changing approach to the way income protection is presented to consumers, we needed a company that not only offered the next generation technology, but also could deliver real innovation. Total Systems have exceeded our expectations. It is always a pleasure to work with developers and technical teams who have good insurance knowledge and share our passion for customer delight.

General Insurance Distribution Ltd
I am writing to express my thanks for the excellent work you and the Total Systems team have done over the last few years to support GID and help us maintain high standards of service.
We chose Total Systems because we had confidence that your technology would help us deliver an exceptional experience for our clients. By developing two direct to consumer digital portals, Total Systems have given us a new and exciting way to distribute our products. Your service has been first class and you have brought invaluable experience to our business Mike Gaffney, Managing Director, General Insurance Distribution Ltd

When the team behind were planning the first on-line Financial Services Mall for Zimbabweans at home and abroad, they needed a technology partner. They were seeking a partner that was not only able to help define the best approach and implement requirements quickly and efficiently, but also able to apply on-line quote and apply functionality never before delivered to the African Continent.

After an extensive search we chose Total Systems because we know their software is designed for growth and we have exciting plans for the future. We appreciate their flexible and innovative approach because we really want to deliver something new and exciting. We are bringing a completely fresh approach to Financial Services in the African region and take comfort that we are working with a team with extensive experience in insurance solutions. Finally, we believe the partnership with Total Systems is the best thing that could have happened to our business as we not only have great confidence in their technology but also benefit from their ideas and new solutions that mean will deliver a best in class on-line service for Africa. Luke Ngwerume CEO of

The result of the collaboration is a vibrant and evolving site which will be leading the way for Financial Services in Zimbabwe:

Great job by your guys - can't praise them enough! IT Project Manager, Zurich Insurance plc

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